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Other Puzzles: Siamese & Fused
Siamese Pillowed HexaminxesTwo Hexaminxes fused into a siamese puzzle.
Siamese RhombohedraTwo 3x3x3-Rhombohedra fused into a single puzzle.
Siamese Shepherds CubeSiamese Shepherds Cube. A sticker variant of the Siamese Cubes.

Siamese Skewb DiamondTwo Skewb Diamond fused together.
Siamese Skewb HexsTwo Hex Skewbs (each with the shape of a Truncated Octahedron) fused into a single puzzle.
Siamese SkewbsAnother Tony Fisher transformation.

Siamese Super FloppyTwo samples of the Super Floppy glued into one puzzle.
Siamese WindmillTwo Windmill Cubes fused into a single puzzle.
SiamesillusionTwo 4x4x4's fused to imitate the Siamese Cubes, Tony earliest cube transformation.

SiaminxThe two Pyraminx share a single edge piece.
SkewbrickA Siamese Skewb with transformed shape.
Symbiotic CubesAt first it looks like a pair of Fused Cubes but the two parts are way more grown through each other.

The GeodeWhat may look like a simple puzzle turns crazy when external bandaging comes into effect.
Triamese (aka: Triple Cube)Three 3x3x3s fused into a single puzzle.
Triamese 2x2x2The concept of the Triamese Cube implemented with 2x2x2's

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