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Puzzle Related: Miscellaneous Stuff
Rubik's Cube Button IIPretty simple little thing. Did anyone ever wear something like this?!
Rubik's Cube CoastersSix beer coasters which resemble a Rubiks Cube when stacked onto each other.
Rubik's Cube CoinThis beautiful coin featuring a Rubik's Cube was released by the Hungarian Mint in 2002.

Rubik's Cube CushionFloppy cushion might have been a better name.
Rubik's Cube Ear RingsA pair of identical ear rings showing an impossibly mixed up Rubik's Cube.
Rubik's Cube Face OffRubiks Cube Button

Rubik's Cube Halloween CostumeOnly the mask is shown here.
Rubik's Cube MugA mug that resembles Rubiks Cube.

Rubik's Cube Prototype PackageIdeal's Rubik's Cube design concept prototype package.
Rubik's Cube Puzzle PosterA poster from the original cube craze. It shows art on one side and a solution on the other.
Rubik's Cube Revolutions ButtonRubiks Cube Button showing Rubiks Revolution

Rubik's Cube second skinA skintight suit which transforms a human into a walking Rubiks Cube.
Rubik's Cube SheetBedding material (aka bedclothes) depicting the rubik's cube. One of the merchandising items distributed during the original cube craze.
Rubik's Cube Stress RelieverA squeeze ball in shape of a cube.

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