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Puzzle Related: Miscellaneous Stuff
Les 6 Faces en 6 leçonsA books that came with a VHS-tape
LighterA lighter which pretends to be Rubiks Cube.
M.U.S.C.L.E. ManA 3x3x3 head on a 3x3x3 body.

Magic Cube PuzzlesA collection of puzzles and other stuff fused into one item.
Magyar Postage StampA stamp commemorating the first World Championship in Hungary 1982.
Megaminx in a bottleA megaminx assembled within a bottle.

PaperweightSome ignorants might call any twisty puzzle to be a paperweight but this item takes that prank literally.
Puzzles by Jürgen BrandtSelf-produced video. Transferred to DVD by Geert Hellings.
Rompe tu cabeza cow Rubik'sA collectiong of five well known twistypuzzles in one combined packaging.

Rub-It CubeThis one inch white pencil eraser has a Rubik's Cube printed on it.
Rubik's 3D JigsawA 3D jigsaw depicting a Rubik's Cube.
Rubik's alarm clockAn alam clock desinged like a Rubiks Cube

Rubik's Ash TrayA push down spinning ash tray.
Rubik's Chocolate BarA chocolate bar sold for 0.99 GBP.
Rubik's CondomNuff said.

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