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Puzzle Related: Miscellaneous Stuff
Erno Rubik AutographA 3x3x3 hint booklet signed by Erno Rubik.
Euro-plan Rubik's cube99,99% Silver Hungarian "Rubik" Euro coin plan
Farren Quadro27 cubies connected by magnets. Not intended to be a twistypuzzle but a creativity toy.

Four Cubes PinA pin which shows the cubes from 2x2x2 to 5x5x5
Giant Cube TableA table with 3 drawers which "works" like a 1x1x3.

Honk if you can solve Rubik's Cube (sticker)An employee issued bumper sticker from the original cube craze.
How to Solve the Cube DVDA DVD with video instructions to solve the cube.

How To Solve The Cube PuzzleThis is an instructional LP (record).
Hungarian collectors 500 Ft rectangular coinHungarian collectors 500 Forint rectangular coin
I do the Cube (sticker)A sticker advertising a Rubiks Cube Club.

I have mastered the Pyramid (sticker)A sticker advertising Mefferts Pyraminx.

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