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Puzzle Related: Miscellaneous Stuff
512MB Memory CubeHandmade variant described as "The first cube with memory".
AquamouseA computer mouse with Rubiks logo and two small cubes floating in a liquid filled chamber.
Are Hue ConfusedCube button. 56mm diameter.

Ball PenA ball pen which can be released when the attached 1x1x3 is "solved".
Bottle 2x2x2A 2x2x2 assembled inside a bottle.
Bottle 4x4x4A 4x4x4 assembled inside a bottle.

Bottle PyraminxA Pyraminx in a bottle. Still playable.
Brainstring packagingA packaging for all three puzzles known as Brainstring.
ButtonThe design of this button reminds me of the popular little Rubik's Cube Java applet. 24mm diameter.

Combinescion - Collezione ZodiacoA packaging containing all twelve variants of "Combinescion - Collezione Zodiaco".
Crystal CubeA solid crystal non-functional cube paper weight made by Langsam-Billig.
Cube in a jarA cube assembled within a jar.

Cube StandChrome stand with rotating claw, for a standard-sized Rubik's Cube
Cube T-ShirtThis T-shirt features a knock-off cube displaying a specific pattern.

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