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NxNxN: 3x3x3
Soviet 3x3x3 (politoys license)A 3x3x3 with tiles distributed by Konsumex and licensed by Politoys.
Soviet 3x3x3 (Tbilisi)A 3x3x3 produced in Tbilisi with a package that resembles those from politoys.
Space CubeA factory-made cornerless cube from Japan.

Space Cube (KMY)A 3x3x3 from the cube craze produced for the japanese market. It has an unprecedented case in shape of a decagonal prism.
Sparkling CubeA 3x3x3 covered with 6 different types of Swarovski crystals.
Special 2x2x2This puzzle is one of the easiest.

Spiral Cube (bandaged)A 3x3x3 bandged to resemble a spiral on one corner.
Splitted Color Cube3x3x3 with two colors on each face
Star Cube (japanese)Another mass produced 3x3x3 in a cylindrical package.

Star Midi CubeA Midi Cube (37 mm) with stars instead of regular stickers.
Stupid CubeAnother mass produced single-colored cube.
Subatomic CubeThe new world record for the smallest fully functional 3x3x3. Its has an edge length of only 6 mm.

Sudoku CubeSudoku cube
Sudoku PaintIt is a sudoku variation but this sample is labeled differently with 9 colors. None of them should be repeated on any of the 6 faces.
Sudoku RouletteSudoku colors

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