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NxNxN: 3x3x3
Sliding 3x3x3A sliding piece puzzle on the sides of a 3x3x3.
Smiley CubeA heavily disguised triamese cube implemented from scratch with a mechanism similar to the void cube.
Soviet 3x3x3 (36 mm)A Rubiks Cube in mini size produced in the former soviet union with many different body colors.

Soviet 3x3x3 (Omsk)A 3x3x3 with tiles produced in Omsk.
Soviet 3x3x3 (politoys license)A 3x3x3 with tiles distributed by Konsumex and licensed by Politoys.
Soviet 3x3x3 (Tbilisi)A 3x3x3 produced in Tbilisi with a package that resembles those from politoys.

Space CubeA factory-made cornerless cube from Japan.
Space Cube (KMY)A 3x3x3 from the cube craze produced for the japanese market. It has an unprecedented case in shape of a decagonal prism.
Sparkling CubeA 3x3x3 covered with 6 different types of Swarovski crystals.

Special 2x2x2This puzzle is one of the easiest.
Spiral Cube (bandaged)A 3x3x3 bandged to resemble a spiral on one corner.
Splitted Color Cube3x3x3 with two colors on each face

Spooky Windmill TowerA 3x3x3 shapemod which looks like a windmill cube but has swapped faces so that one face needs to be turned before the others are able to move.
Star Cube (japanese)Another mass produced 3x3x3 in a cylindrical package.
Star Midi CubeA Midi Cube (37 mm) with stars instead of regular stickers.

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