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Puzzle Related: Books
Ultimate Cube SolutionA solution booklet from the producer of the Ultimate Cube
Un certain cube hongroisSpecial issues of a french science magazine
Un metodo semplice per risolvere il cubo magicoSei sequenze per giungere a una soluzione

Unscrambling the cube ITwo complete methods step-by-step

Unscrambling the cube IITwo complete methods step-by-step
Very short and to the point!
Unscrambling The Cube IIIEasy-to-memorize routines.
Pretty Symmetric patterns to construct step-by-step on the cube, full-color.
A step-by-step "racing" solution
V Mire GolovolomokPublished in two parts.

Void Cube – Perfect Capture – Official Guide BookTitle was translated from japanese.

You Can Do The Cube#1 in the London Times and New York Times bestseller list for 1981, selling 1.5 million copies world-wide.
You can do the cube (australian)Simple, step-by-step instructions on how to complete Rubik's Cube

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