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Moving: Hole
Varikon (Tsilindr Golovolomka)Five layers and five columns of marbles moved with the help of an additional single hole. Soviet version.
Varikon 2x2x2This 2x2x2 version was made in at least six differently colored version.
Varikon 4x16Four transparent mini 4x4-whip-it's fused to create an impressivly long puzzle.

Varikon Box 'LThis 3x3x3 version is known in at least five differently coloured versions.
Varikon Junior (2 layers)The varikon puzzles customly shortened to 2 layers. It has five columns.
Varikon KeychainVarikon Keychain (4 layers) from the former eastern block.

Varikon Keychain IIAnother variant of Varikon originating from the soviet union.
Varikon KirgiziaSix columns with seven marbles each. Produced in the soviet union.
Virus IA difficult modification of the 15 Puzzle.

Volshebnie SharikiThe soviet version of the Babylon Tower.
Whip-ItThis hex-shaped, 3x6 Whip-It puzzle is about 72 mm tall.
Whip-It (3 layers)This 3x6 Whip-It stands approximately 7 mm tall. Produced in Macau. Original LJN Whip-Its were made in Hong Kong.

Whip-It (3 layers; embossed tiles)Another seemingly old variant of the whip-it. It has 3 layers und embossed tiles making it easier to move the tiles.
Whip-It (colored body)This 3x6 Whip-It stands approximately 70 mm tall.
Whip-It (Embossed numbers)A cylindrical 3x6 Whip-It puzzle that has embossed numbers on the pieces. These numbers make it into a super puzzle.

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