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Moving: Hole
Sliding piece ballIt looks like Mozaika but has a moving hole.
SLIP-IT (aka Number Barrel)24 tiles in 3 layers with 8 columns and four colors.
SLIP-IT (aka Number Barrel) (4 layers)31 tiles in 4 layers with 8 columns and four colors.

Smarties Rotator TubeA very simple little puzzle.
Snowflake DUOSixteen pieces can be moved with two holes.
Snowflake TrioTwenty six pieces can be moved with three holes.

Sonic and Tails CanCharacters Sonic and Tails depicted on one puzzle can.
Sonic Puzzle CanThis tiled can features Sonic the Hedgehog.
Spongebob 2x4Burger King's 2 layer Missing Link type of puzzle, used to promote the Spongebob movie.

Sprite CanA tile-sliding puzzle with the shape and design of a Sprite can.
Spyglass key ring canAnother puzzle with moving hole on a cylindral suface. It can be drawn out to form a spyglass.
Standard W├╝rfel 3x3x3 Rainbow (aka Vadasz Kocka, Inside Out)The rainbow coloured, 3x3x3 version of the Vadasz cube.

Star Trek Captain MugBlack mug with dark red tiles.
Star Trek Enterprise MugBlack mug with a picture of the Enterprise on the sliding tiles.
Star Trek Klingon MugDark green mug with red Klingon symbol on sliding tile puzzle.

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