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Moving: Hole
Rainbow ShuttleA cloned version of "Tower of Babylon" with a body colored in shades of grey. A black versions exists too.
RanzhirAn implementation of Tower of Hanoi with eight pieces.
Ringan - BirdsAnother version of the Ringan. This one features mostly birds and two ground animals.

Ringan - FlowersAppears to have six columns of tiles, half three tiles long, the other half four tiles long.
Ringan - Nagano OlympicsAdvertising the 1998 Winter Olympics in Sapporo Japan.
Ringan - Wooden versionAnother version of the Ringan. This one features birds on a wooden body.

Rota CubesThree cubes in a tetrahedral case. With every move they not only change position but also orientation.
Row by RowOrganize pieces in rows or columns.
RTL Magic JackThis version promotes RTL, a German television station.

Rubik's Brain Racker (aka Rubik's Delta Ball)Looks like an Impossiball but is a moving hole puzzle which allows the pieces to change their orientation.
Sanctum Inc. Puzzle PenThis 140 mm 6x6 puzzle pen advertises
Sapporo Breweries Puzzle CanA cylindrical moving hole puzzle depicting a bear can from Sapporo breweries. Comes in two versions.

Seagram's BottleA tile-sliding puzzle with the shape and design of a whisky bottle
Seagraw's Seven CrownA tile-sliding puzzle with the shape and design of a bottle with american whiskey.

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