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Other Shapes: Other
SweetheartA modified 2x2x4 into the shape of a heart.
Swiss BumpA 3x3x3 with an unusual but regular shape and a tilted axis system.
The Knob CubeA 3x3x3 with one set of 4 cubies added to each side.

Time MachineA 2x2x2 with 6 rings with 12 segments each.
Time Machine : back to Square-1A bandaged version of the Time Machine. The bandaging scheme is identical to the Square-1 from which this puzzles predecessors where developed.
Time Machine IIA 2x2x2 (bandaged into a 1x2x2) received 6 rings of a hexagonal prism.

Time wheelA mass produced version of the cross cube with differently placed cuts.
Triamese Void PentagonsFourth variant out of a series of Holey Megaminx transformations. This one has three twistable faces left.
TribulusA truncated Pyraminx very similar to Brandt's Knuffy.

Tricylinder 3x3x3 V4A 3x3x3 truncated with cylinder-like shapes in three dimensions.
TridentAn Ultimate Skewb modifed in one halve to look like a sphere. On the other halve it has three spikes like the Pentagonal trapezohedron.
Truncated Helicopter CubeA Helicopter Cube truncated into a shape resembling a Cubohemioctahedron.

Truncated VulcanoThe Vulcano reduced to three layers per axis.
Trycylinder 2x2x2Three cylinders joined in one solid. This time by extensions not truncations.
Trycylinder 3x3x3Three cylinders joined in one solid. This time by extensions not truncations.

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