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Other Shapes: Star
Star of DavidStar of David names the puzzles shape. It is a six axis puzzle with two different types of turns available.
Star of The SevenA seven pointed star puzzle, inspired by the icon from "Game of Thrones".
Star PrismA very attractive Square-1 mod.

Star Prism (2 Layer)The two-layer version of the Square-1 Star Prism mod.
Star Prism (4 layer)The Star Prism in the version with four layers.
Star PuzzleA star with 5 tips. It works like a Tricky Disky with 5 rods.

Star Puzzle with a twistA star with 5 tips. It works like a pentagonal prism with a non-complete additional set of layers.
Star Puzzle with a twist PlusA star with 5 tips. It works like a pentagonal prism compined with a 5-rod Tricky Disky.
StarburstA face-turning icosahedron in shape of "Compound of five octahedra".

Starburst (aka: Star of David)This fun custom built puzzle is based on a Pyramorphix / 2x2x2 mechanism.
Stellated octahedral 1x2x2A 1x2x2 in shape of a stellated octahedron.
Stellated octahedron SkewbA Skewb in shape of a stellated octahedron.

Stellation of Pentagonal IcositetrahedronA skewb trasnformed into the namegiving shape.
Stellation of Snub CubeA 3x3x3 in shape of the first stellation of the snub cube.
SternA variant of the Starburst produced and sold in former East Germany.

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