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Other Puzzles: Folding
Magic Snake PuzzlePossibly another clone of Rubik's Snake. This time from Japan.
Magic StripA custommade Rubiks Magic with a closed loop and only a single side. This suceeds the Magic Line and has 24 tiles instead of 8.
Magic Throne of GodsOne sample of a magic-myth-puzzle which is a RubiksMagic with an odd number of tiles. This one has 5 tiles.

Magic Ultimaze (Magic Maze 4)A 6-tiles-Magic which combines Rubiks Daze and Magic Craze. It hast four solutions.
Magic World CupA 6-tiles-Magic with two solutions, both with a theme based on (association) football.
Magicube FusionA Rubiks Cube glued together with a Rubiks Magic.

MagiQ-BertA custom Magic with 18 tiles. One solutions depicts a video game from the 1980s the other form th shape of three connected cubes.
Malev Rubik's MagicMalev Hungarian Airlines Rubik's Magic.
Mammoth Master MagicA custom made Rubiks Magic with 28 tiles.

Memory CubeA custommade magic with 54 tiles and two spectacular solutions.
Mercedes MagicDepicts two mercedes automobiles.
Micro Magic: Link The RingsThis puzzle is made up of only 3 panels making it very easy to solve.

Middle Earth Super MagicThe images on this gorgeous 16-tile Magic puzzle were inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's book, "The Silmarillion".
MindjewelA pentagonal cousin of Rubiks Snake.

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