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Other Puzzles: Folding
Rubik's Snake - IMAC ColouredA nice variation of the standard Rubik's Snake.
Rubik's Snake KeychainThe 1998 OddzOn version.
Russian Snake (other packages)The other russian versions of Rubiks Snake.

Russian Snake (rectangular package)The russian version of Rubiks Snake.
Simpsons MagicA day at the beach with the Simpsons.

Sinful DelightA 6-tiles-Magic which resembles a chocolate bar.
Singa-PuraOne of the three different 12-tile-magics with custommade images.
Sinij Kubik (aka "Blue Cube")A soviet derivate of Rubiks Maze

Snake CubeA low quality Rubik's Snake clone.
Snake Key ChainA clone Snake key chain, available in different colours.
Snake PenA small knock-offed version of Rubik's Snake in different colours.

SnakyThis snake-like puzzle functions similar to the Rubik's Maze.
South Park MagicA 4x2 Rubik's Magic featuring South Park characters.
Standard Snake CubeAnother variant of Rubik's snake. This one is from japan and came in a never seen before package.

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