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Other Shapes: Sphere
Fruit SphereSpherical version of Fruit Cube III.
Gear BallA mass produced spherical Gear Cube.

Gear PlanetA close relative to Number Planet. A puzzle with 11 numbered tiles and two ways of turning.
Gear SphereA Gear Cube truncated into the shape of a sphere.
Geoffrey DreamballA Dreamball puzzle. Depicting the "spokesanimal" (aka mascot) of Toys "R" Us.

Geomaster Masterball (aka: Rainbow)The most colourful and the most widely sought-after of the Masterball variations.
Gerling Thomas BallA promotional version of the ring design.

Giga Hexaminx BallA Gigaminx in shape of a sphere with a color scheme taken from the Hexaminx.
GigaEarthA Gigaminx in shape of a sphere
Globe BallA spherical skewb.

Globe ball (detailed painting)A spherical skewb with more complex painting.
Globe PuzzleA very low quality 3x3x3 puzzle.
Goofy & Mickey PuzzleballThe two Disney characters playing soccer in 3D relief.

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