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Other Shapes: Sphere
Circusmaster MasterballDepicts various circus scenes.
Clover BallA Clover Dodecahedron transformed by hand into the shape of a sphere.
Corona BallA skewb ball with advertising for Corona Beer.

Cosmos puzzleA mass produced spherical Cross Cube promoting the Soccer world championships in France and South Korea.
Crazee Basket BallA 2x2x2 in shape of a Basket ball.
Crazy 4x4x4 BallA Crazy 4x4x4 truncated into a sphere.

CTDSphereA Dino dodecahedron in shape of a sphere.
D-Ball DoraemonA spherical 2x2x2 resembling a comic character. It came in two slightly different versions and packaging.

D-Ball GlobeAnother 2x2x2 depicting the earth. With japanese or english marks.
Dino Skewb BallA Skewb in shape of a ball imprinted with images of two dinosaurs.
Dinosaur Skewb BallCartoon dinosaurs on a yellow ball. A pink triceratops and a purple pterodactyl. Sold with the name "Turn Turn Ball"

DioctipoidA spherical puzzle that behaves like a corner-turning hexahedron.
Dodec SphereAn edges only megaminx in shape of a sphere
Dragonmaster MasterballA very nice masterball variant depicting St George and the dragon.

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