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Other Shapes: Sphere
TakarékszövetkezetA skewb in shape of ball with the inscriptions of a hungarian bank.
Tennis Ball DreamballThis Dreamball depicts a Tennisball.
Tennismaster MasterballThe rarest of the original Masterballs. Featuring a Tennis-based theme and the writing "Grand Slam" on the top.

The Simpsons DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.
Think Puzzle BallComplete the four coloured circles.
Thomas BallThe original version with twelve coloured rings.

Thomas Ball - 3 ArcsThis version has three coloured arcs.
Thomas Ball - 4 ArcsThis version has four coloured arcs.
Thomas Ball - Colored EdgesIn this version the edge pieces need to be solved too.

Thomas Ball - FlagsThis version has various country flags connected by four coloured rings.
Thomas Ball - NumbersThis version has a faint grey ring connecting the 20 white hexagons.
Thomas Ball - OblouckyTen blue and ten red pieces, each with a white line.

Thomas Ball - Soccer TeamEach white hexagon depicts a soccer player in this version.
Thomas Ball - Solid ColorsThis version has one red and one blue pole separated by a blue equator.
Thomas Ball - World CupShows the country flags of teams involved in the 2002 World Cup of soccer in Japan and Korea.

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