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Other Shapes: Sphere
Magic Ball (aka: Rubik's Sphere) - 98 mmOne of the spherical Rubiks cubes produced during the original cube craze. A derivative of the Wonderful Puzzler.
Magic Ball (Mundial fotball Spain 1982)Variant of Rubiks Sphere made for the Soccer World Cup 1982 in Spain.
Magic Puzzle Ball ChallengeA skewb based design, which looks like a tennis ball when completed.

Magical BallA puzzle which is solvingwise a subset of the megaminx but uses a completely different pull-and-turn-mechanism.
Magnetic 2x2x2 Ball with Zodiac Signs A japanese puzzle from the original Rubiks craze. A sphere that uses magnets to create 2x2x2.
Marusenko SphereA spherical cousin of the Junior Cross cube. It comes with a wide variety of color schemes.

Master OrbA Master Skewb in shape of a sphere.
Master SpheremateA Master Pentultimate in the shape of a sphere.
Masterball FlowerThis variant uses one to two stacked tiles from various Masterballs to create a "flower" motif.

Masterball IQ (Promo)A Masterball made to advertise the movie "I.Q."
Masterball OttifantenA Masterball depicting a shortlived animation series from 1993.
Matryoshka Spheres PuzzleFive Treasure Skewbs designed to to fit inside of each other just like the famous dolls of the same size.

McDonald's DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.
Megaminx SphereMegaminx in shape of a sphere
Mi ball - 48 ballA 48 Cube in shape of a sphere, implemented without magnets.

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