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VEB Spielwaren
Der Ungarische Zauberwürfel (east germany)A German solution book for the 3x3x3.
FigurenmatchA smaller version of the common Meffert Pyramorphix. Made in East Germany.
Okki Gem I (aka Alexanders Gem)A sticker variant of the Okki which transforms the puzzle back into a puzzle equivalent to the 2x2x2. Produced in East Germany but often customly remade.

Polka-Diamond (aka: Okki)A small octahedron-shaped 2x2x2.
Starburst (aka: Star of David)This fun custom built puzzle is based on a Pyramorphix / 2x2x2 mechanism.
SternA variant of the Starburst produced and sold in former East Germany.

Trick Haus (aka: House)A clever 2x2x2 mod that can solve into a cube or the shape of a house.

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