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Rubik's Promotions
AloftA promotional cube featuring Aloft Hotels
AquamouseA computer mouse with Rubiks logo and two small cubes floating in a liquid filled chamber.
D. E. ShawA promotional cube featuring the company D. E. Shaw

General Mills Cereals CubeThis official Rubik's Cube features General Mills cereals.
Horizon Credit Union CubeThis Rubik's Promotions cube features Horizon Credit Union images.
Jacobs Krönung CubeThis is a cube which was sold by german coffee manifacturer "Jacob's Krönung". It shows a cup of coffee on 5 sides, and a crown on the 6th side.

Micardis CubeThis Rubik's Promotions cube features the logo for the drug Micardis.
Monacor CubeThis promo cube features a germany based company which produces HiFi- and OnStage-equipment.
NFL Giants Rubik's CubeNFL Giants Rubik's cube. Each side has a different Giants image.

NFL Jets Rubik's CubeRubik's 3x3x3 cube with NFL Jets stickers. Each side has a different Jets image.
Northwest AirlinesAnother promo cube. This one promotes NWA, the Northwest Airlines.
O2 PromotionalThere is a huge court case regarding this promotion. Sony are sueing O2 for using Playstation styled graphics in association with their product. You can see their point...

Pursuit of Happyness 3X3X3A 3X3X3 Rubik's cube promonting the movie with the same name.
Schwarzenegger Double Feature GiftA gift included into a double DVD box containing two movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Tate Modern & Tate Britain CubeRubik Promotional Cube for the Tate Modern and Tate Britain in London.

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