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Rubik's Promotions
94.3 R.S.2, Der SupermixAn official Rubik's Promotions cube for a German radio station.
AloftA promotional cube featuring Aloft Hotels
AquamouseA computer mouse with Rubiks logo and two small cubes floating in a liquid filled chamber.

BAE Systems 2x2x2An official Rubik's Promoitions 2x2x2 cube made for BAE Systems.
Canadian NHL Teams CubeDepicts the emblems of seven different teams of the canadian NHL.
Chicago Bulls CubeA promotional cube featuring the NBA's Chicago Bulls team.

D. E. ShawA promotional cube featuring the company D. E. Shaw
eBay Live Andale Key Chain CubeThis 34 mm (slightly larger than usual) key chain cube was given away at an eBay Live Andale event in 2003.
Egger CubeAn official Rubik's Promotional cube for Egger / Baudas... probably a building materials company in Germany.

General Electric CubeA promotional cube featuring General Electric Cube.
General Mills Cereals CubeThis official Rubik's Cube features General Mills cereals.
Hewlett PackardA promotional cube featuring two times the logo of Hewlett Packard.

Horizon Credit Union CubeThis Rubik's Promotions cube features Horizon Credit Union images.
Jacobs Krönung CubeThis is a cube which was sold by german coffee manifacturer "Jacob's Krönung". It shows a cup of coffee on 5 sides, and a crown on the 6th side.
Micardis CubeThis Rubik's Promotions cube features the logo for the drug Micardis.

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