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What's New: The Past 7 Days
2x3x3 (bandaged 4x4x4)A bandaged 4x4x4 variation that functions exactly like a 2x3x3.
2x3x4 (shape-changing)Yet another Tony Fisher masterpiece. The first fully functional irregular cuboid ever.
3x3x4 Rectangular PrismTony Fisher custom 3x3x4. Build from a 4x4x4.

Aetna CubeThis promo cube features Aetna life insurance.
Back to Square-1The 1994 Irwin Toys version.
Binder CubeAnother German promo cube, this one for a company called "Binder Kunststofftechnik GMBH".

Bottle 2x2x2A 2x2x2 assembled inside a bottle.
Bottle 4x4x4A 4x4x4 assembled inside a bottle.
Bottle PyraminxA Pyraminx in a bottle. Still playable.

Cartoon Characters RhombicuboctahedronA low-quality 89 mm version featuring various cartoon characters.
Chex & Fruit Puzzle CubeThis cube displays Chex cereal on one side, and 5 types of fruit on the other five sides. This was a mail-order product which required proofs of purchase from Chex(tm) Cereal in order to buy.
Christmas Key ChainA standard sized key chain featuring a Christmas and winter theme.

Clock 4x4Rubiks Clock scaled up to greater size.
Clockwork 4x4x4A 4x4x4 with all layers of one dimension linked into one coordinated movement.
Columbus EggA yellow version with identical markings also exists. There is also a version with Columbus' EGG written on it. These are yellow, white, and blue.

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