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What's New: The Past 7 Days
17x17x17Also known as "Over the top". A puzzle made just because it is possible.
Babylon Tower (Tsukuda)Obviously from Japan.
Chess Cube (coloured stickers)Version with coloured stickers.

Enigma - AttemaPromoting a company based in the netherlands.
Enigma - Coloured dotsDepicting eight circles in four different colours creating a scheme of subtractive colouring.
Fruit SphereSpherical version of Fruit Cube III.

Gift CapsuleA shape variant of the Turn Apart.
HexicleA custom made variant of Kvadratura kruga with seven circles turned in steps of 60°.
IcosaixA face-turning icosahedron. Not the first one but the first to reveal the jumbling geometry of this type of puzzles.

Jumble Circle 4x4x4A Crazy 4x4x4 with all corners split into six pieces each thereby allowing 45°-turns on the faces.
Jurgos De BolsilloGeyper version of Rack 'Em Up.
N-CubeA 3x3x4 with some external pieces truncated and internal pieces stickered.

Roto 36Four circles. One with 120°-steps, three with 60°-steps.
Roto 44Four circles in square configuration with a fifth in the center.
Rubik's cube (korean, metal cube)A cube with metallic body produced for Rubiks Korea.

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