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What's New: The Past 7 Days
3x3x3 Curvy CopterA puzzle that combines the 3x3x3 and the curvy copter but with face turns equally curved as the copter-moves.
7x7x7 illusion cube with two colour cornersA V-Cube Illusion without pillowed shape and with two-coloured corners.
Ball in a cubeAn overlapping cube in a very cool shape.

Beni's Bandaged CubeA 3x3x3 cube with centers bangaged to an edge in four faces.
BramlabacusAn improved version of Rainbowlabacus.
Butterfly Cube IISix different butterflies in front of a white background.

Chocolate Rubik's CubeA Rubik's Cube covered with pieces of chocolate.
Clover Icosahedron D1The concept of the Clover Cube applied to an icosahedron but with an aditional set of doctrinaire axis.
Cubic Helicopter DodecahedronThe helicopter Dodecahedron transformed into the shape of a cube.

Diamond Time WheelMoyu Fisher Time Wheel in shape of hexagonal dipyramid.
Gear Cube Extreme/Anisotropic CubeA Gear Cube with four geared edges replaced with four non-geared edges.
Great Prism of GizaA bandaged version of a 3x3x3 triangular prism (5 SIDED CUBE), last in the inventor's series of prisms.

Ivy FoxAn Ivy Cube truncated into a star-like shape.
JAMmed GigaminxA bandaged Gigaminx using the 'JAMmed' configuration, made to fill an empty slot.
Jewel OctahedronAn edges-only 3x3x3 in shape of a negatively stellated octahedron. It is the octahedral equivalent of the Alexander Star.

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