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2x2x6 (regular cubies)The 2x2x6 made by Tony Fisher is the second one ever made and has hexahedral cubies.
3x3x3 slaidA 3x3x3 heavily truncated into some kind of knobby shape.
666 silly schemes to scramble the Magic SnakeThe only Magic Snake book to tickle the funny bone while teasing the brain.

A buvos kocka matematikajaPublished in two parts.
A magia de RubikOs três anéis mágicos

A Simple Approach to the Fantasy BlockLogical techniques leading to a solution you could master it in 30 minutes!

Adventures in Group TheoryThis book is a must have for true theorists. This is one of the few books which do not give solutions to specific puzzles. This books goes really deep into the mathematical basis under Rubiks Cube and its relatives.
Art of the CubeThe Rubik's Cube designs of Fred Holly

BabyloneAprès le Rubik's Cube, le nouveau casse-tête
Bank sphere (political map)A hollow spherical 3x3x3 that can be opened in its solved state. Shows a political map of the world and labels in english or french.
Büvös DominoSome package variants for the 2x3x3, all made out of cardboard.

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