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Coffin SkewbA skewb transformed comparable to a Mental block but this time resulting in a coffin-like shape.
ContainerThe Container is a Skewb mod produced by Tony Fisher.
Corona BallA skewb ball with advertising for Corona Beer.

Cube 5-CompoundA skewb in shape of the namegiving solid.
Curvy Tetrahedron SkewbAn Ultimate Skewb transformed into something halfway to a Jings Pyraminx.

Cylinder SkewbA skewb transformed into cylindrical shape.
Dark PyramidA skewb transformeed into a square pyramid. A midtwist single colored puzzle with a two-fold symmetry.
Decagonal Diyparamid SkewbA skewb in the namegiving shape.

Decagonal prism Skewb - Extended Ultimate Skewb 1557FE0FFC00003FF07FEAA8000Another Ultimate Skewb with extensions. This time the result is a decagonal prism.
Deep SkewbA reimplemented void skewb which makes visible its core which is connected to the red square.
Dino Skewb BallA Skewb in shape of a ball imprinted with images of two dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Skewb BallCartoon dinosaurs on a yellow ball. A pink triceratops and a purple pterodactyl. Sold with the name "Turn Turn Ball"
Disdyakis DodecahedronA skewb in shape of the namegiving solid which is a catalan solid.
DodecadodecahedronA skewb in shape of the namegiving solid. Printed in all metals shapeways offers.

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