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Strombic HexecontahedronA skewb in shape of the namegiving solid which is a catalan solid also known as "Deltoidal hexecontahedron".
Sudoku DiamondThe concept of Sudoku applied to a Skewb Diamond.
SupernovaSame as Nova?

Szerencsekerék BallA spherical Skewb advertising the hungarian version of "Wheel of Fortune"
TakarékszövetkezetA skewb in shape of ball with the inscriptions of a hungarian bank.
Tetrahedron (Halpern-Meier-Tetrahedron)Another custom Skewb mod by Tony Fisher with a complicated history.

Tetrahedron 5-CompoundA skewb in shape of a star known as "Compound of five tetrahedra".
The Resistance PuzzleA sticker variant of the "Hex Skewb" produced as a merchandising article for the rock band MUSE.
Think Puzzle BallComplete the four coloured circles.

Third stellation of Icosahedron SkewbA Skewb in shape of the name giving solid which is a uniform star polyhedron. The solids technical name is Excavated dodecahedron.
Thomas SkewbAn "axised" skewb.
Tri-PumpkinA piece shuffle from two Skewb Curvy Rhombohedron.

TriagBlockA skewb in shape of a trigonal prism.
Triakis Octahedron SkewbA Skewb in the shape of the namegiving solid which is one of the catalan solids.
Triakis SkewbA skewb in shape of a triakis tetrahedron which is a catalan solid.

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