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BasketballMach Finommechanika version. The text reads: "Official Basketball".
Beach BallMach Finommechanika version.

Beachball PuzzleballFour coloured Skewb ball.
Beijing BallA spherical skewb advertising the summer olympics 2008 in Beijing.
BiconeA skewb transformed into the shape of a bicone and stickered in a midturn state.

Bowtie SkewbA truncated ultimate skewb.
Bowtie's CousinA truncated ultimate skewb. The cuts placed on a different set of edges.
Bugs Bunny Skewb BallMulti-color skewb ball with what looks like Bugs Bunny and a soccer (football) dog.

Bump Jing's PyraminxA bumped version of the Halper-Maier-Tetrahedron. The center of the axis system was moved away from the solids center without changing the orientation of the axis.
Bump SkewbA bumped skewb: The puzzle is moved inside its shape but not rotated.
Cat SkewbA puzzle with mechanism of skewb and the shape of a cat.

Champions League BallExtensions on a skewb printed in black and white to resemble the symbol of the UEFA Champions League.
Cindarella Match BallCindarella Match Ball
Skewb based Sphere puzzle from the 80'
Circus SkewbDepicting bear performing a lot of artistic stuff.

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