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Rubik's Clock
3x3 Clock plusA customly enhanced version of Rubik's Clock.
Bayern München ClocksA set of nine Rubik's Clocks with custom made layout. All show one of the badges from the history of soccer club "FC Bayern München"
Beatles ClockTwo customized variants of Rubik's Clocks with motives depicting the Beatles.

Clock 4x4Rubiks Clock scaled up to greater size.
Combinescion meets Rubik's ClockA set of three Rubik's Clocks with a custom motive resembling the three most rare variants of the combinescion.
HexClockA Rubiks Clock with a different configuration.

Magic ClockA rare variant of Rubik's Clock of unknown origin and date.
Rubik's ClockPoint all 18 clocks to 12 to solve.
Rubik's CompassI believe this is a Rubik's Clock knock-off released in China.

Six awn star ClockA customly enhanced version of HexClock which itself is a redesigned Rubik's Clock.

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