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Void Skewb
Giant Holey SkewbA giant Holey Skewb.
Hole Eye SkewbLooks trivial but this is indeed a massive change in the puzzle's interior.
Holey Mental BlockA Void Skewb transformed into a mental block.

Holey Siamese SkewbThe Siamese Skewb rebuilt with its holey cousins.
Holey Skewb (pillowed)The pillowed version the void skewb.
Holey Skewb XtremeA Holey Skewb truncated like a Skewb Xtreme. Went into mass production.

Holey X-BlockA Holey Skewb (aka Void Skewb) that has been extended on two sides.
Hollow skewb CuboctahedronA mass produced Hollow Skewb truncated into the shape of a cuboctahedron.
Spiked void tetrahedronAfter his Tetrahedron Void Skewb the creator came with spiked version.

Sun BlockAn extended Void/Holey Skewb
Tetrahedral Void SkewbA Void Skewb transformed into a tetrahedron but still with the holes from the Void Skewb.
Void Skewb - Holey SkewbA Skewb with holes and modified core.

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