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Face turning dodecahedron (other)
AtlasminxA face turning dodecahedron with 9 (!) cuts parallel to each side.
BohricA handmade spherical Multidodecahedron.
CrossminxLike the Cross-Cube is a 3x3x3 with additional layers this puzzle is a megaminx with additional layers.

Crystal DreidelA puzzle made by combining the concepts of Dreidelmate and Multidodecahedron.
DeceptiminxA deceiving face turning dodecahedron with very unusual cuts.
DOGIC UltimateThe deeper cuts of a dogic combined with the cuts of a Icosamate. A corner turning icosahedron with four layers.

Elite IcosamateA corner turning icosahedron with three cuts per axis.
Elite PentultimateA face turning dodecahedron with 3 cuts per axis all very close to the puzzle's center.
ExaminxA faceturning dodecahedron with 5 (!) cuts parallel to each side.

IcosmominxAn icosahedron with four cuts between two tips. The cutting depths were combined from the Icosaminx and Astrominx.
Ivy CrystalAn "Ivy Cut" rhombic triacontahedron, or a Pyraminx Crystal in disguise.
Ivy FestivalA trapezoidal hexacontahedron with "Ivy" slices.

Master Alexander StarAn Alexander Star with additional cuts shallowly under the tips.
Master BrilicA face turning dodecahedron with 4 cuts per axis. The cuts are placed different compared to the Gigaminx.
Master BrillimateA face turning dodecahedron with 4 cuts per axis. The cuts are placed like the Pyraminx Crystal (Brilic) and the Master Pentultimate.

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