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Prism (4+ layers)
"Cubic" 3x3x5 pentagonal prismA pentagonal prism with the top and bottom layer split up.
Alpha CubePretends to be an Axis Cube but is a prism with four layers.
Hexagonal prism (6 layers)A fully functional prism with hexagonal shape and 6 layers high.

Master BarrelThe bigger brother of the "Pyraminx Magic Barrel"
Master PrisminxA pentagonal prism with two cuts per axis. The depth of the cuts is different compared with the professor pentagonal prism.
Pentagonal 3x3x5A fully functional pentagonal prism with five layers.

Pentagonal Prism (4 Layers)A pentagonal prism with 4 layers in height.
Pentagonal prism (6 layers)A fully functional prism with pentagonal shape and 6 layers high.
Professor Hexagonal PrismA hexagonal prism with two cuts per face.

Professor's Pentagonal PrismThis is a face-turning 5x5x5 pentagonal prism. The sides must be turned 180 degrees.
Professor's Triangular PrismA triangular prism with 3 layers on the main axis and 5 layers in height.
Standard 5-Layers Pentahedron Puzzle A derivative of the Triangular Prism with five layers.

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