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Prism (2 layer)
2 Layer Gimmick One of the easiest twistypuzzles anyone can think of.
Baby MasterballA reduced Masterball with 6 slices and 2 layers.
Bram's BrickA hexahedron with an unusual prismatic axis system.

Bump Triangular DominoA bumped version of the two-layered triangular prism.
Chilen CubeA two-layered pentagonal prism with spherical cuts.
Deeper Cut Nonagonal DominoA nonagonal prism which is 2 layers high.

ELIA pentagonal antiprism with two layers.
GrimaceA triangular prism with 2 layers and without corner pieces.
Heptagonal MegastarA prism with two layers, seven sides and two cuts parallel to each square.

Hex DominoA two-layer hexagonal prism with 6 rectangular faces.
Hex Domino Half Black Rainbow PuckA two-layered hexagonal prism in shape of a cylinder and stickered like a rainbow puck.
Hexagonish BlockA bandaged face-turning pentadecagonal prism in shape of a (irregular) hexagonal prism.

Master GrimaceA higher cousin of the grimace puzzle.
Master Pentagonal PrismA two-layered pentagonal prism.
Master Pentet PuzzleA not so simple pentagonal prism with two layers and two cuts per lateral axes.

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