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Magnets and steelball
Big ChopThe holy grail of twisty puzzles. A 120-piece twisty puzzle which still has to find a good implementation.
Dino Chop Cube (magnets)A hybrid puzzle which fuses 2x2x2, Little Chop and the Dino Cube into one puzzle. The pieces are "connected" with magnets to the internal steelball.
Magical AttractorAn ancestor of the 6x6x6 by Verdes. This one uses magnets.

Magnetic Dice CubeA 3x3x3 made out of dice and magnets.
Split Mixup CubeCan be viewd as a bandaged 4x4x4 Mixup Cube.
Stickered KORA restickered sample of the toy KOR by Geomag.

Tetra-ChopA puzzle based on the little chop, but with two opposing faces being equilateral triangles.
TetraStar (aka 24-Tetrahedron)A tetrahedral version of the Little Chop which is also known as 24-Cube.

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