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1x3x3 Mental BlockLooks like 1x3x3 but is built from a 2x2x3.
2x2x3 (aka: Slim Tower)A formerly custom now mass produced 2x2x3 cuboid, commonly known as the "Slim Tower"
2x2x3 cuboid barrelVariant of a 2x2x3 cuboid in shape of a cylinder

2x2x3 Delta prismA simple modification of a 2x2x3 to get a triangular prism representing the Greek letter Delta.
Bauspiel TowerA shape transformed 2x2x3.
Bump 2x2x3A bumped 2x2x3 in shape of a cuboid.

Bump Tower CubeA bumped 2x2x3 in shape of a cube.
Chinese Wall Pieces - Watch TowerA 2x2x3 reshaping a section of the chinese wall.
Christmas Tree 2x2x32x2x3 cuboid in the shape of a (Christmas) Tree

DalekA shape modification to a 2x2x4 cuboid. It resembles the arch enemy of Dr. Who.
Diamond compass 2x2x3 INavigate with the compass between diamond and the Chinese temple.
Bring the diamond shape and the compass into the original state.
Diamond compass 2x2x3 IIBring the diamond shape and the compass into the original state.

Domino (medium) 2x2x3A 2x2x3 which looks like a domino with one layer removed.
Domino Wind TowerA "windmilled" 2x2x3.
Floppy flip 2x2Modified 2x2x3

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