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9th Megaminx Ball (D9)The equivalent of the Curvy Starminx in shape of a sphere.
AstrominxAn icosahedral Starminx.
Ceranite GemA Starminx transformed into the shape of a rhombic triacontahedron.

Cubic StarminxA Starminx in shape of a cube. Sadly it is not a perfect shape variant.
Curvy StarminxA face turning dodecahedron with a mixture of pieces from other puzzles with this axis system.
Micro StarminxThe micro version of the Starminx with 13 mm edge length

Octahedron StarminxA Starminx I in shape of an octahedron
Projective AstrominxAn Astrominx which allows one slice turns. The stickers are choosen appropriately with opposing sides stickered equally.
Regular AstrominxAn Icosahedral modification of a starminx consisting of regular triangles of identical size.

Starminx IA face turning dodecahedron. The cuts are deeper than in the Pyraminx Crystal.
Tetrahedral Curvy StarminxA Curvy Starminx in shape of a Reuleaux Tetrahedron.
TriangulumA Starminx in shape of a tetrahedron. It was designed from scratch.

TriaxeThree axis with steps of 72. Effectively a Starminx with just three rotations.
Twisted StarminxA shape transformation of Starminx I.

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