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Void mechanism
1/0 VoidA Void Cube with four pieces cut away.
Atomicahedron (aka Void Master Pentultimate)A Master Pentultimate with holes in the face pieces and without core.
Cubic Void 2x3x3A Void Cube with one layer hidden.

Dual fold Floppy CubeA custom modification of a genuine Void Cube. Reduced to two sides instead of six.
Edges Only Void CubeA Void Cube with hidden corners.
Extreme Holey MegaminxFirst variant out of a series of Holey Megaminx transformations. This one has six twistable faces left.

Giant Holey SkewbA giant Holey Skewb.
Half CubeViewed from one corner it is an ordinary 3x3x3 but from the opposite it is revealed that it is a 3D-printed halved void cube.
Holey / Void MegaminxThe Holey Megaminx or Void Megaminx - inspired by the Void Cube this is a megaminx without centres.

Holey GigaminxThe higher order cousin of the void megaminx.
Holey Mental BlockA Void Skewb transformed into a mental block.
Holey OctahedronA void Trajber's Octahedron. Rather than having holes at the tips, this one has holes in the faces.

Holey Siamese SkewbThe Siamese Skewb rebuilt with its holey cousins.
Holey Skewb (pillowed)The pillowed version the void skewb.
Holey Skewb XtremeA Holey Skewb truncated like a Skewb Xtreme. Went into mass production.

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