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Alberto Costa
2x2x3 cuboid barrelVariant of a 2x2x3 cuboid in shape of a cylinder
3x3x5 (truncation only)3x3x5 cuboid made from a 5x5x5 cube
Centerless Icosaminx"Voided" version of the icosahedron megaminx.

Cuboid ZockA 2x2x3 put in midturn and transformed back into the shape of a cuboid.
Floppy flip 2x2Modified 2x2x3
Keyboard 2x3x3A 2x3x3 covered with keyboard keys instead of stickers.

NouminxThe concept of the Megamoid implemented halfway.
PyraStar 4x4x4PyraStar 4x4x4 stickerless with 4 colours.
PyraStar 6x6x6PyraStar 6x6x6 made by combining pieces of two megamorphixes.

RODIA shape and sticker variant of a Bump Cube modelled to implement Schrödinger's cat. It can be alive and dead.
Skewb BarrelA skewb in shape of a barreled cylinder.
Skull cubeA skull-like inequilateral 3x3x3.

Smiley Cube IVCustom made sticker variant with six different smileys.
Smiley cube V2x2x2 cube with funny smiley faces.
Spiky DinoModification of a mass produced Dino.

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