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Gunpei Yokoi
Club Nintendo Star Ten Billion BarrelUpdated version of Nintendo Billion Barrel Puzzle
Crossover puzzleA puzzle back from the early 1980s produced by Nintendo. It works with intersecting plunges and polarised light.
Midi Barrel (Japanese)A japanese version of the wellknown Ten Billion Barrel

Puzzle Barrel (aka Ten Billion)A copied version of the ten billion barrel.
Ten Billion BarrelAn impossibly hard ball moving puzzle.
Ten Billion Barrel (medium)A version of the Ten Billion Barrel of smaller size and unknown origin.

Ten Billion Barrel Key ChainThis keychain version stands at about 35 mm.
TrillionMove the same-colour pieces from the lines to the circles.
Trillion - BlackCheap copy. Probably form Asia.

Yellow Ten Billion BarrelAnother version of the Ten billion barrel. Presumably a clone.
YolocolocoSpanish version of the ten billion barrel by nintendo.

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