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James Li
Blind six number six colour tile cubeA 3x3x3 with braille symbols instead of each sticker.
Blind Sudoku Six Color Tile Cube A Sudoku 3x3x3 for the blind. All tiles have braille symbols on them.
Chromium ball3D-printed extension glued onto a Chromium Cube

Chromium octahedron3D-printed extension glued onto a Chromium Cube
Cube4You Interchangeable Tile Cube3x3x3 by Cube4You with interchangeable Tiles.
Glow in the Dark 3x3x3 cubeA mass produced cube made from plastic with the addition of phosphorus. It glows green or blue in the dark.

Super Square-1A new challenge to the Square-1 / Cube 21.
Two layer dodecagonal prism Super Square-1The cousin of the dodecagonal prism with two layers. With visible centers.

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