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David Pitcher
1x2x3 (round)This wonderful custom built puzzle was created from scratch.
4 Corners CubeA cube with cuts corresponding to the twelve faces of a face turning triakis tetrahedron. A jumbling-only puzzle.
Andromeda CubeA cube with pentagonal icositetrahedral symmetry, and 24 axes of rotation. A jumbling-only puzzle.

Bicopter 6A two-sided shape mod of a 2x2x2.
Circle X CubeA new contour cut variant of the Redi Cube and Lucky Clover Cube.
Compound FractureCompound Fracture is a new puzzle based on the geometry of the Fracture-10, altered to allow 45 degree turns along 4 axis.

Corner of AndromedaAn Andromeda cube reduced to three axis.
Crystal TransformerThe Rhomdo Transformer with deeper cuts for the face turns.
Curvy Jumble PrismA variant of the Jumble Prism puzzle with curved cuts.

Curvy Shallow Jumble PrismA shallow cut version of the Curvy Jumble Prism.
Curvy V-TAPA corner turning square anti prism with curvy cuts.
Curvy-10A curved-cut variant of Fracture-10

Curvy-10 Master EditionA master-cut version of the Curvy-10 puzzle.
Dave's DiamondAn edge-turning hexagonal dipyramid sliced through the origin.
Diamond DelightAn equatorial vertex turning pentagonal dipyramid with spherical cuts.

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