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David Litwin
Elemental:AluminiumA heart-shaped variant of Elemental:Fluorine with four additional pieces.
Elemental:ArgonAn enhanced version of Elemental:Beryllium-10
Elemental:Beryllium-10The third member of the series of Elementals. This time there are 4 plungers of which 2 are side by side.

Elemental:ChromiumThe holy grail of the Elemental-series.
Elemental:FluorineA very close relative to the Elemental:Neon from the same inventor.
Elemental:NeonThe first element in a whole series of puzzles working with plunger under- and overlapping each other.

Elemental:ScandiumAn Elemental:Fluorine enhanced but splitting the plunger and thereby adding twelve triangles.
Inverted 2x2x2A shape transformation which reversed pillowing.
Inverted 3x3x3A shape transformation which reversed pillowing.

Pillowed 2x2x2A shape transformation of the 2x2x2
Square-2A modified Square-1 where the corners are split into two pieces

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