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Vadim Grishin
4x4x4 CylinderA 4x4x4 truncated into the shape of a cylinder.
Cylinder-1A Square-1 truncated into cylindrical shape.
Earth cubeA cube covered with the earths surface.

Envelope SkewbA multiple-truncated Ultimate Skewb.
Fused Keychain CubeA standard Rubik's Cube with a standard Key Chain Rubik's Cube for a corner!
Inverted MegaminxA megaminx with heavily reduced corners.

Keyboard 3x3x3 CubeA standard 3x3x3 with keyboard keys attached. It is available in different colours. A bandaged version also exists.
Leaning TowerAn Ufo transformed into the shape of a parallelepiped or a triangular prism.
Mental BoxA truncated Container or less extended Mental Block.

Not-So-Square-1Could also be named "Bump Square-1"
Octagon-1A Square-1 truncated into a regular octagonal prism.
Pillow SkewbA skewb diamond with two tips cut down to square pieces.

Plane Bump Square-1A Square-1 "bumped" in one direction. The puzzle's center was moved away from the solids center along one axis.
Skewb Star TruncatedA standard Skewb with attachments on each of the six square faces.
V-CubeA Ufo transformed in hexahedral shape.

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