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3x3x3 Miron3x3x3 with glued moving eyes in different colours.
3x3x3 MonguiA 3x3x3 with 54 custom made mushrooms applied.
3x3x3 MusicalA 3x3x3 covered with images of various musical instruments.

3x3x3 OrigamiA 3x3x3 covered with resin pieces with images of origami figures made with coloured paper.
3x3x3 PasteleroA cube with many calories.
3x3x3 Pastillero3x3x3 with glued resin tablets.

3x3x3 PeloteroA cube covered with balls from various sports.
3x3x3 Peludo3x3x3 with furry buttons instead of stickers.
3x3x3 Planetario3x3x3 covered with phosphorescent images of six planets in our solar system. It can also be solved in the dark.

3x3x3 PrimaveralA 3x3x3 with photos of glued flowers covered in resin.
3x3x3 PsicodelicadoA 3x3x3 covered with resin pieces instead of stickers. They show psychedelic images.
3x3x3 ReptilianoThe pieces of this cube have small eyes of various species of reptiles.

3x3x3 RosaA 3x3x3 covered with roses made from resin.
3x3x3 RubikeroA Rubik's cube covered in Rubik's cubes.
3x3x3 SateliteThis 3x3x3 has not stickers but glued pieces of resin with photos of various satellites in our solar system.

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