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Hellraiser 2x2x2 tetrahedronA 2x2x2 with lavish custom made art on every side.
HeptaclawA hollowed sphere with a 7-fold-symmetry. Another entry in the series that started with Rocket Twist.
Hex Prism Curvy Copter PlusA Curvy Copter Plus shape transformed into a hexagonal prism.

Hexagonal Floppy KilominxA Floppy Cube in shape of a hexagon. Just six pieces.
Hexagonal prism megaminxAnother megaminc in this shape but with a completely differently aligned axis system.
HexashiftA Rex Cube in the shape of a Hexagonal Prism.

HexcopteroidA two-layered hexagonal prism with three different kinds of turns.
Hex�nglrA three-layered prism with 60�-turns at the four arms.
Hippo 2x2x2A 2x2x2 in shape of a hippo.

Hong Kong Disney Land ResortA merchandising article from Disneyland in HongKong with a body in transparent red plastic.
Hut 4x4x4A higher order cousin of the Uncanny Cube.
Hut 5x5x5An even higher order cousin of the Uncanny Cube.

Hydro paint 3x3x3A Bump cube (aka Mirror cube) painted with a hydro paint technique.
Hyper CrystalliteDesigned to be the Ripple Rhombic Dodecahedron but without curved lines it can't be part of the series.
Hyperoid CubeA mini Void Octahedron in a big Void Cube.

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