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ArchimedesA skewb mod transformed back into a skewb and redesigned into an owl from a famous novel.
ArukoneA customly stickered 3x3x3 based on a japanese number puzzle of the same name.
AviorA doctrinaire puzzle consisting of two intersecting circles that can be turned by steps of 90.

Axis CheeseAn "axised" version of Rubik's Cheese.
Axis puck 7x7x7 bandagedA 7x7x7 truncated into a strangely oriented cylinder and heavily bandaged.
Bandaged PenroseThe Penrose Cube combined with the bandaging pattern of the AurumQ-1

Bandaged PentultimateA customly printed Pentultimate with customly printed tiles which bandaged the puzzle.
Barn CubeAnother 3x3x3 transformed into a house like shape.
Basketball PuzzleA 3x3x3 (in three colours) remodelling a basketball with an unnaturally high degree of symmetry.

Bauhinia Dodecahedron IIThe Rex Dodecahedron with slightly different cuts that make a corner piece appear.
BedCubeA very simple hybrid puzzle that combines one skewb turn with three curvy copter cuts.
BedCube masterA simple hybrid puzzle combining one axes of a cube and six curvy copter cuts.

Big StingrayThe Big Brother to the Stingray
Binary DeepThe enabler Cube with another restriction. Only two faces are turnable at any given time.
Binary Fused CubeThe Fused Cube with another restriction. As a result only two faces are turnable at any given time.

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