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Other N-Sided: Fourteen
UFO FTOA face turning octahedron truncated on two of its tips.
Ultra-XThe first puzzle which implements three axis systems in one.
Vertex turning cuboctahedronA Helicopter Cube truncated into the shape of cuboctahedron.

Vertigo PyraminxA truncated Pyraminx with a rare symmetry.
VTTTPA vertex turning Triaugmented Triangular Prism.
VTTTP UnbandagedThe direct successor of the VTTTP with one layer of unbandaging.

Wave-Stickered Truncated CubeA 3x3x3 truncated on all eight corners and stickered with special custom made stickers.
Windmill Asymmetrical TetrakaidekahedronA Windmill Cube truncated irregularly on all eight corners. The result is a fourteen sided completely irregular solid.
Windmill CuboctahedronA Windmill 3x3x3 truncated into the shape of a cuboctahedron.

Wm Pioneer 11 (Windmill Cube)A windmill cube truncated into a hexagonal dipyramid and further truncated.

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