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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Preserving)
Flower CopterA hybrid puzzle which combines the moves of the Curvy Copter (hence the name) and moves similar (but not identical) to the Rex Cube.
Flower Copter IIA successor of the Flower Copter with different cuts.
Gear Ball In A CubeA mass produced Gear Cube truncated into a sphere. The corner pieces were subsequently replaced with pieces giving the puzzle the look of a 2x2x2 with holes.

Geared 1x1x4A 1x1x4 which poses a real challenge to the user. All four pieces are connected to each other with gearing system which make the puzzle similar to the enigma.
Geared Redi CubeA puzzle which looks like a Redi Cube but uses gears to force a synchronized move.
Giant Holey SkewbA giant Holey Skewb.

Giant SkewbA skewb with 120 mm edge length.
Helicopter + 2x2x2A hybrid puzzle which combines the Helicopter Cube with the 2x2x2.
Helicopter + 3x3x3A hybrid puzzle closely related to Dayan Gem II but with some different pieces and with cubic shape.

Helicopter Cube (aka Bevel Cube)An edge-turning hexahedron.
HeliDoctre CubeA Helicopter Cube that can't jumble.
Heritombo CubeA shallower cut variant of the Helicopter Cube with straight cuts that reveals the edge centers and face centers.

Holey Skewb (pillowed)The pillowed version the void skewb.
Hollow Skewb (Plug&Play)A minimal twist with extending pieces which can be clipped into the hollow pieces.
Honey CopterA contour cut variant of Oskar's Redi Cube. This time the contours of the piece's form heart-like shapes.

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