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Other Shapes: Round Convex Shapes
Gear Shift PenroseA Gear Shift truncated into the shape of a Penrose Cube.
Gear Steinmetz SolidA Gear cube truncated into the shape of the namegiving solid. Its alternative name is Tri cylinder.
Ghost PenroseThe Ghost Cube transformed into the shape of a Penrose Cube.

Ghost Real Ostrich Egg 2x2x2The result of Tony Fisher teaming up with an ostrich.
Gift CapsuleA shape variant of the Turn Apart.
Gift Capsule Mid SplitAn enhanced version of Gift Capsule with a completely new mechanism.

Gift Capsule SkewbThe concept of Gift Capsule implemented with the mechanism of a skewb.
Golden EggA skewb based puzzle invented by Tony Fisher and produced by Meffert's.
Half Truncated Rounded 4x4x4A 4x4x4 with two rounded truncations.

Half-cylinderA 3x3x3 with only two sides.
HexaballminxThe a megaminx transformed into the same shape of a hexaball.
Ivy PenroseAn Ivy Cube truncated into the shape of a Penrose cube.

Junior MorpheggA 2x2x2 in shape of an egg.
M24 CubeA Little Chop with two additional restrictions which transform the puzzle into the equivalent of the M24 Group, one of the sporadic groups.
MarbleminxA Jings Pyraminx truncated into an almost sphere-like shape.

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