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Other N-Sided: Ten
Marcos HT Square-1A Square-1 in midturn, reshaped and truncated into an half truncated cube.
Marvin (aka Half-Truncated Square-1)A half truncated Square-1.
Master Octagonal PrismA 4x4x4 truncated like an octagonal prism.

Million Space ShuttleSpace Shuttle was an Octagonal Prism sold with one side rotated 90 degrees. Sold in a cylinder case like some cubes once were. With english and japanese texts on the package.
Octa DominoAn octagonal prism with two layers.
Octagon (under license of ITC)"El Cilindro de Rubik's"
Probably the only octagon with an official Rubiks logo.

Octagon-1A Square-1 truncated into a regular octagonal prism.
Octagonal Prism (39 mm)A rare 39 mm version.
Octagonal Prism (47 mm)A rare 47 mm version.

Octagonal Prism (Dream Puzzler)In a package labeled as "Dream Puzzler"
Octagonal Prism (Mini Puzzle - 30 mm)This one comes with a key chain attached to the package.

Octagonal Prism (Original Toys)The Original Toys version.
Octagonal Prism (Red)This is a standard sized Octagonal Prism with red plastic instead of black.
Octagonal Prism (SISO)Another octagonal prism. This time a version from the german based company SISO.

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