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Other N-Sided: Ten
Diamond DelightAn equatorial vertex turning pentagonal dipyramid with spherical cuts.
Dibow CubeA rainbow cube transformed into a half-truncated dino cube.
Dino BarrelA rainbow cube transformed into an octagonal prism

Evil UmbrellaA truncated and extended Square-1.
Extended Octagonal 3x3x5An extended version of the octagonal prims. This is just a shape variant, not a fully functional puzzle.
Fang-10An edge turning pentagonal dipyramid. A puzzle that allows only jumbling moves.

Fisher Octagonal PrismA Fisher Cube truncated back again into an octagonal prism but on a different set of edges.
FisherrockA 3x3x3 transformed into a square antiprism with one side kept unchanged.
Floppy OctagonA Floppy Cube truncated into the shape of an octagon.

Flowered Octagonal PrismLike the normal Octagonal Prism but with flowers on the center stickers.
Fracture-10A fully custom ten-sided puzzle with five axes of rotation.
Fracture-10 (master)A "master" version of the Fracture-10 puzzle.

Fracture-10 UnbandagedA fully unbandaged (aka: fudged) version of Fracture-10 where all axes are always capable of 90 degree moves.
Fractured MadnessA face turning pentagonal dipyramid. It allows only jumbling moves.
Fruit Octagonal PrismAn octagonal prism with face stickers like the Fruit Cube III.

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