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Twelve-Sided: Other
Sharp Edges 18105D2E82060A 3x3x3 truncated on 16 edges and afterwards extended. This shape is also part of the sub-series "Rhombus Cuts".
Sharp Edges 51D2E28000A 3x3x3 truncated on 12 edges and afterwards extended. This shape is also part of the sub-series "Rhombus Cuts".
Skewb Hexagonal diypramidA Skewb truncated into the shape of the namegiving solid.

Slice Hexagonal DipyramidA handmade Slice Cube truncated into a hexagonal dipyramid.
Snub DisphenoidA vertex-turning Snub Disphenoid which is Johnson solid #84.
Spinning TopA 3x3x3 truncated on six different sides.

StinxA megaminx with one layer removed. Only six sides are twistable.
TeramoidThe even higher-order version of the megamoid
Triakis PyraminxA pyraminx truncated and extended again to give it the incomplete shape of a triakis tetrahedron.

Triakis SkewbA skewb in shape of a triakis tetrahedron which is a catalan solid.
Triakis TetrahedronA 3x3x3 half-regularly truncated 12 times on its corners. The result has the shape of a Triakis Tetrahedron which is a catalan solid.
Unbandaged RhomdoThe Rhomdo recreated with one type of piece split up to allow more jumbling moves.

Unique-3A skewb in a convex but random shape with twelve sides.
Virust HexisA hexis cube with a virust- style sticker cutting.
WFW Hexagonal dipyramidFor this puzzle the creator exchanged pieces of a Windmill Cube and a Fisher Cube (hence the first part of the puzzle's name: WFW) and then truncated the result into the shape of a hexagonal dipyramid.

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