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Twelve-Sided: Other
Master Hexagonal Dipyramid (Black&White)A 4x4x4 (aka Master Cube) in midturn in shape of a hexagonal diypramid.
Master Hexagonal Dipyramid ColourA 4x4x4 (aka Master Cube) in midturn in shape of a hexagonal diypramid with colored stickers.
Master Hexis CubeThe concept of the Hexis Cube applied on a 4x4x4

Master KilomoidMaster Kilominx with two of its faces removed. Inspired by the Megamoid.
MegaflipThe concept of Floppy Flip applied to a megaminx.
MegamoidA megaminx minus twenty pieces but still fully functional.

Megamoid IIA megaminx with three sides completely truncated.
Mental Block 2x2x2This variant was designed to be something like a Mental block made from a 2x2x2. The result is a dipyramid with a cuboid in between.
Midturn Windmill Hexagonal DipyramidA Windmill Cube moved into midturn and truncated into a hexagonal dipyramid.

Mystic CharmA hexagonal dipyramid with two different turns per corner. A jumbling only puzzle.
Mystic Charm PlusAn unbandaged variant of Mystic Charm which has to turned many times until it behaves like the jumbling puzzle that it is.
Non Rectangle TwilighterA 3x3x3 truncated on six of its eight corners.

Non-regular DodecahedronA 3x3x3 truncated six times with two different truncation patterns.
NouminxThe concept of the Megamoid implemented halfway.
Octahedral Mixup III CubeA Mixup Cube in shape of a Pyramid Pillow

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